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Welcome to Red Sox Icons!
This community is dedicated to the extremely worthy cause of providing high-quality Red Sox-themed user icons to LiveJournal users. Spreading the Sox love since 2004!

How to find an icon
Icons are sorted by player/theme in the tags. Each player and theme has its own tag, and clicking on the tag link (in either an entry, or on the aggregated tag page) will show you all the entries that have been posted for that player/theme.

Please check the tags page before you post with icon requests - but if you've checked the tags and haven't found something you like or want, feel free to request an icon via a post to the community.

How to post an icon
Adding tags to your post to indicate which players and themes are included in your icons is highly recommended and encouraged!

Banners, color bars, "error" icons and mood themes have their own tags. Please be sure to use those tags if you are posting anything that is not a Livejournal icon.

Community rules
1) Be nice, and respectful of others.

2) Stay on-topic: This community is not for discussing games, players, newspaper articles, etc. It is for posting and requesting Red Sox-related icons only. For Red Sox discussion, join redsox, redsoxnation, boston_sports or other Red Sox LJ communities.

3) Give credit where credit is due. If the author of an icon asks for credit in the keywords or in their journal, please give it!

4) Absolutely no hotlinking to others' icons. (Hotlinking = directly linking to the original image.) Download ALL icons you use to your own computer. You can use Livejournal to upload the icons from your computer, please do not use others' bandwidth for this purpose. Hotlinking = evil!

5) Please do not disable comments in your posts. We encourage feedback here! If you do not want to receive e-mails when a comment has been made, please check the appropriate box in your LJ client. I will delete posts that have comments disabled, although you are welcome to repost with comments on.

6) If you are posting an icon request, please put all photos larger than 100x100 pixels behind an LJ cut.

I reserve the right to ban from the community anyone who is not following the rules listed above. I don't want to have to do this, so please be respectful of this community and the people in it.

Q: I made an icon/banner/color bar/mood theme. How do I tag it?
A: For more information about tagging entries, please see the Tags FAQ. Many Livejournal clients (Semagic, Xjournal, etc.) will allow you to add tags to your entries before posting, as does LJ's update journal page.

Q: I can't tag one of the themes in my entry because the tag doesn't exist. What should I do?
A: Tags can only be created by the community mod. Make a note in your entry saying you need a specific tag created, and it will be.

Q: How do I upload an icon?
A: If you have questions about how to upload icons to your LJ account, see the User Pictures FAQ.

Q: How do I credit the creator of an icon?
A: Most icon-makers will indicate in their post how they want to be credited. Please ask if you're not sure. The best way to credit an icon-maker is in the user picture comments. For more information, see What are user picture comments?.

Q: I want to make a request that has photos. How do I do an LJ cut?
A: Please see the LJ cut FAQ for information on creating an LJ cut.

That's about it...so post away! :D